Rules & Guidelines

1. Each student begins the simulation with $100,000 in virtual cash.

2. All transactions are made real time in your portfolio and in the game.

3. All buy orders must be a minimum of 1 share or should it be 1 lot since that is the wording used. Sell orders for less than 1 lot shares will not be permitted.

4. VSMG does not permit buying penny stocks such orders will be rejected/

5. Trades can only be processed in whole and will be rejected if sufficient buying power does not exist to execute the entire order. Buying of shares will only be permitted if free margin value is below the value of the required margin.

6. The Game is run Monday through Friday. Students may trade on any day the stock markets open. Orders can be entered 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

7. Trades entered after close of market (4:00p.m. Eastern Time) will be processed when the stock market opens at next trading day.

8. Rankings will be calculated at the close on the stock market every day. Winners will be determined on the basis of the ranking at the end of the competition periods. highest equity portfolios at the end of the final transaction day.


9. A record of a player’s portfolio and transactions will be available daily. For students to be listed in regional rankings trades has to be placed

10. Equity is automatically computed into your portfolio on the leaderboard. However, you are required to check them for accuracy. Promptly notify your Coordinator at their e-mail address of any problems you encounter.

11. Any violation of the rules of the Stock Market Game may result in the invalidation of a transaction. Repeated violation of the rules may result in the disqualification of a student.

12. Sharing of inappropriate content via the student chat portal will be a violation to the rules of the Game and student will be immediately disqualified.