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Browse and join your school open trading contests, receive free virtual cash for trading


Learn to invest risk free and Buy/Sell public US stocks and prove you can outperform other students


Earn points and climb up the leaderboard. Become an expert in stock trading.

What we offer

Trading competitions with different starting capitals, leverages, volume restrictions and margin requirements.
5 of the largest US stock exchanges.
Investing and savings courses and quizzes
Live stock quotes and historical charts.
Instant trade execution.
Real-time position valuation (equity, profit / loss, free margin).
Competition leaderboard and global rankings.
In-depth company profile statistics.
Global investing, entrepreneurship and business news from Forbes

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2 minutes ago
Buy 100 PDD (Pinduoduo Inc.) @ 136.93 USD
4 minutes ago
Buy 7 SEB (Sebata Holdings) @ 3,518.00 USD
4 minutes ago
Buy 2 SEB (Sebata Holdings) @ 3,518.00 USD
6 minutes ago
Buy 71 MSTR (MicroStrategy Incorporated) @ 501.52 USD
6 minutes ago
Sell 66 MSTR (MicroStrategy Incorporated) @ 500.05 USD
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Introducing the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (SSE)